One of the best SEO plugins

The SEO Framework plugin delivers an automated and advanced SEO solution to your WordPress website. The plugin is renowned for quality coding, performance, and stability and it is seen as the go-to alternative for the market leaders “Yoast SEO” and “All In One SEO Pack”. > Read what others say.

The SEO Framework is among the top 1% of most-used plugins, with over 50,000 installations while it maintains a 5-star rating. It’s also 100% free: This means it’s free of ads, nags and upsells. All without holding anything back. A complete package.

The Extension Manager

To fulfill the needs of more demanding users, more functionality and extra services are delivered via our Extension Manager. It delivers extensions and connects to our powerful API services, partially free of charge. During 2017, lifetime license discounts for Early Birds are available.

The SEO Framework truly is WordPress SEO for everyone.

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